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Still Zombified

forever and on

25 January
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blah blah blah

love,life and death, music... the violin and cello tears and funerals bats and cats moons stars distant lands exotic cultures books reading ^v^ ^v^ ^v^ reading, sewing, writing,designing,
drawing, altering/trashing anything and everything ;) MUSIC!
my creatures! wisper my rat :), and my two cats mommas (Kalika fiend is her "proper" name,
short for lucifer because she's fucking evil!) and spookers I love my spookers

MUSIC Alien sex fiend 45 grave The horrorpops Siouxsie & the banshees Peppermint creeps Dead can dance Black flag Shades of pale Orgy Jack off jill Scarling Deny the sun Dead kennedys The dresdon dolls The retrosic Black tape for a blue girl Cinema strange Ruimentary peni Concrete blonde Cocteau twins Christian death Pantera Bad religion Skeletal family The cramps Corpus delicti Bauhaus Crass The distillers Danzig Switchblde symphony Type o negative American statistic DeadraveN Jewel Killing joke Sleepy hollow Reliquary T.S.O.L. The way an animal operates The ramones Nin Tool Rasputina London after midnight Wumpscut The vanishing Pink floyd Led zepplin The doors Skinny puppy Live Rob zombie White zombie The casualties Lacuna coil The smiths The cure Choking victim The clash To die for Bad brains
blah blah blah....too long to list

MOVIES the eye 1 & 2
house of 1000 corpses
saw 1&2
white zombie
the suicide club
Fear and loathing in las vegas
four rooms
the anarchist cookbook
slc punk
a clockwork orange
return of the living dead
evil dead
SLC punk
bram stokers dracula
carnival of souls
the skelleton key
resivoir dogs
pulp fiction etc...

ZOMBIE TUBE the old twilight zone, helsing (an awesome anime not that van helsing movie bullshit), mad tv, adult swim, futurama, family guy, csi , theres somtime specials on like tlc and discovery health that are like actual autopsies surgeries they interest me too... . especially when they arnt blurred so you can see what they are doing to the bodies there was this really cool one where the medical examiner had to peel off the face from the base of the neck, weird i know, then theres the adventures of billy and mandy (grimms the greatest), and riplys belive it or not.hell, as long as its weird with interesting charachters good acters agood mind-fucking story and a whole lot of blood and gore i;ll like it. the simpsons,csi,futurama,IFC chanel,discovery health channel, actual autopsy, house, explicit surguries,"carnies" documentaries, riply's,family guy,the x-files, martha stewart's living

then get me a gift from my amazon.com wishlist!! :D

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alcohol, all other weponry, ambient music, and incense, and other jewel tones, animal skulls, anne rice, art, astrology, az deathrock, az goth, bands, batcave, batcave diy, batcave style, bats, belly dancing, bettie page, biting, black, boots, boys in makeup, cemetaries, chokers and collars, coffee, corsetry, cratively fucking shit up, crazy hair, cuff bracelets, dark/gothic imagery, deathrock, deathrock clothing, deathrock diy, deathrock fashion, deathrock makeup, deathrock style, digital art, diy, doing my makeup, drawing, dreadlocks, dreams good and bad, eyeshadow, fishnets, forest green, fucked up clothing, fucked up shit, fucking shit up, funerals, garnet, goth, goth diy, goth fashion, goth hair, goth makeup, goth rock, goth style, gothic, gothic fashion, gothic literature, gothic makeup, gothic style, gravestone rubbings, grunge, guitar, h.p. lovecraft, h.r. giger, horror literature, horror movies, horror punk, industrial rock, insomaniacs, internet, iron butterfly, jthm, karmic retribution, kitty kats, knives, lace, make up, makeup, martial arts, masochism, midnight blue, mohawks, moonlight, moonstone, mosh pits, movies, music, nighttime, oils, onyx, painting, pale skin, perfumes, philosophy, photography, picnics, piercings, platform boots, platforms, poetry, pumpkin pie, punk, punk clothes, punk clothing, punk diy, punk fashion, punk hair, punk makeup, punk rock, punk style, punk styles, purple, reading, religious imagery, rings, russian accents, russian and german language, sewing, sex, shopping, silence, silver, siouxsie sioux, skinny boys, slave bracelets, sleeping, smokey quartz, smoking, subculture makeup, subculture style, sunsets/rises, swords, tattoos, tattoos and piercings, theatre, thrift stores, tribal designs, turkey after thanksgiving, velvet, video games, vigilante justice, were-cats, werecreature teeth